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  • Let's bring back the 90's with one of the greatest fantasy series' ever written! Inspired by Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time, this sweatshirt was designed to emulate an Aes Sedai ring symbolizing the wearer's Ajah affiliation. The crystal snake biting its tail, or ouroboros, rests around the collar of the sweatshirt to emulate a very sparkly necklace. You don't need to be a wielder of the One Power to be dazzled! Time to choose your Ajah!

    Green Ajah Sweatshirt

    • The sweatshirts are 50% Cotton, 50% polyester

      The rhinestones are crytal, not acrylic!

    • Wash INSIDE OUT on cold. 

      DO NOT DRY IN DRYER. Lay flat to dry. 

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